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Manie Samuelsen Azenda

Manie AzendaManie Samuelsen Azenda is a second generation preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His parents Evangelist Samuel and Hannah Azenda faithfully served the Lord from their youth until they were called to glory. He was the pioneer and lead pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church Ugboroke, Warri Nigeria. Manie is the author of “The Dynamics of Godly Success”. His wife, Chino is a deeply dedicated woman of God and the mother of their 3 children – Terdoo, David and Olly. In 2005, he started the intercessory prayer group at the Calgary Full Gospel Church. He faithfully led that group until when he received an inspiration to return to pulpit ministry. That was when he started Kings’ Christian Center.

Manie is a man of the word, and God has blessed him with an uncommon revelational knowledge of his word. He is very passionate about the ministry of the word of God which he teaches with such an infectious conviction. His life-transforming teachings are well-blended with refreshingly rich illustrations, love and undiluted truth.

Manie is an intercessor and has made prayer a fundamental pillar of his life and ministry. He believes unequivocally that prayer is the master key that can open any door in the realm of the spirit. The numerous praise reports that have followed his prayer ministry are testament of the grace of God on his ministry.

He is well-known for his passion for the family and the institution of marriage. He strongly believes that thriving marriages are critical building blocks for a vibrant church and society. This explains why he has elected to make family a key priority in his ministry. His overarching desire is to see Kings’ Christian Center become a destination of choice as a restoration center for rocky marriages, as well as a center where strong marriages become even stronger.